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Washington's leading marijuana courier service.


Welcome to Highwayz Express, the leading marijuana courier service in Washington State. Based out of Spokane, with strategic locations around Washington State we make the distribution process easy, fast, and secure. Highwayz provides peace of mind to all companies who wish to streamline their distribution process. Relax knowing that all of your assets are fully insured with Highwayz!


Highwayz's transportation system delivers the highest level of security, safety, and compliance that pertains to the transportation of marijuana products. Be at ease knowing all of your valuables are fully protected at all times.

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All cannabis products must be evaluated for potency at a licenced testing faclility. Don't waste time doing it yourself. We'll use one of our existing delivery routes to transport the samples affordably for you.

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Highwayz is proud to offer the most advanced means of tracking. Our network engineers have designed a program that tracks where your assets are at all times and when your product has arrived. A detailed itinerary of every delivery will be available at your disposal.

Building Better Relationships

Highwayz values each and every customer like family. We take great pride in knowing that our customer's needs are met in every way, and welcome all feedback to help us continually improve our service. This allows our relationship with each business to grow and is what makes Highwayz, Highwayz.


We are a company founded by professionals with an extensive history in operations for Fed Ex/UPS and network engineers with experience in the Department of Defense. Our goal is to provide you with safe and secure transportation along with reliable and affordable services. We have systematically designed our rates to be the most affordable to your company. Don’t take yourself or your employees away from your operation; we know that outfitting vehicles, insurance, and upkeep can be extremely costly to a company. Most importantly, your valuable time can be redirected back to your business.

WA. Liquor and Cannabis Board Compliant

Highwayz is a fully licensed and insured cannabis transportation company, and keeping up to date with current laws and regulations is paramount. Highwayz adheres to all policies enacted by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board and will answer any questions you have regarding state law.

Expertise that helps your business grow

Highwayz's expertise comes with a vast amount of experience in the transportation industry, we understand the sensitive nature of transporting your assets.

Greater access, greater control

By utilizing our courier service you will have easier access to dispensaries and testing facilities around the state. You will spend less time in transit and more time focusing on the priorities to grow your business.


All vehicles that operate under Highwayz will be fully equipped with the most advanced security systems, GPS, and hands-free technology to ensure our drivers are focused on the valuable assets and their destination. All employees have extensive training in risk management and transportation operations.

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